Friday 27 February 2009

Crash, Bandicoot!

My desktop computer keeps crashing and I'm trying to get some work done.

Monday 23 February 2009

Justina's Interests

MySpace spam.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Sometimes I ask myself:

Local news

Due to being royally screwed by the public transport system (the Sandringham train line was completely offline) I met and gave tram-travel advice to the local 'Jesus-is-Love' guy.

I've seen him around, gone past his house (the front yard full of hand-painted signs and various nick-nacks) and today we spoke. He materialised out of nowhere in the back streets, pushing his 'Jesus-is-Love' themed buggy along and I, laden with backpack, cymbal bag and relatively surly disposition gave him a nod. He initiated a conversation about the non-existent trains and I recommended the number 64 tram. He didn't mention Jesus and did not try and convert me even though I kind of expected something like this from a religious fanatic.

In a way it was special. The 'Jesus-is-Love' guy initially seemed like a mythical being whose existence was unquantifiable. Part of me is still unconvinced that he actually exists.


Tuesday 17 February 2009

are the the

Freelance graphic design (detail).

Monday 16 February 2009

Arrangement in Grey and Black and Other Colours

It's an idea, I guess...

A blue square

The Bermuda Triangle (estimated), Google Maps, Terrain view.

Sunday 15 February 2009

Warp factor Fleigens


Saturday 14 February 2009


Part of my current collection of 'Image Unavailable' images from various Internet crannies.

And... 200th post!

Friday 13 February 2009

Cream of Nowhere

[Photo from here.]

I'm a bit behind on the news with this one, Lux Interior, front-man for The Cramps died recently, aged 62. I remember sitting in the lounge room of my first share-house listening to 'Garbage Man' over and over with my housemates. However, this isn't the track I've chosen to post today.

I've been waiting for a worthy reason to share this incredible track, one of my favourite Cramps songs from the soundtrack [buy] of one of my favourite films, The Return of the Living Dead.

The Cramps - Surfin' Dead [3.9MB mp3 file]

If you're dead, you wanna be SURFIN' DEAD.

Thursday 12 February 2009


I couldn't not post about the disastrous fires people that have been tearing through the Victorian bush recently. This is an horrific occurrence and even with the media swarming over and over-sensationalising it, the gravity of the situation is undeniable with 128 dead (with more expected) and shitloads of damage.

You can donate to the Red Cross, give blood and help the wildlife. Among other things.

Friday 6 February 2009


"Windows are almost always depicted as two-dimensional objects (like papers or books) arranged on a desktop. Most windows can be resized, moved, hidden, restored, and closed at will. When two overlap, one is on top of the other, with the covered part of the lower window not visible."
[Wikipedia page on Window (computing)].


Google's auto-fill for the term "tu".

Wednesday 4 February 2009

Something I learnt:

From IMDB's trivia page on David Lynch's Dune:

Cameo: [Michael Bolton] One of the drummers shown during Paul and Feyd's duel.

Michael Bolton has a cameo in Dune. I was hitherto unaware of this fact.

The image above is of the Bolton Meteorite and aside from its name, is unrelated to Michael Bolton.

Monday 2 February 2009

Sabbath Sabbath Sabbath

Recently while on a nostalgia trip I was listening to some Black Sabbath [DISCLAIMER: Old Black Sabbath, OLD BLACK SABBATH!] and I noticed that they were the only band I could think of that have a song title, album title and band name that are ALL THE SAME. Granted, their are many self-titled albums, but none I can think of that also include a track named after the band.

Who are you listening to?

Black Sabbath.

Which album?

Black Sabbath.

What track?

Black Sabbath.

And as a bonus, in the Metallic theme: diamonddave, a site that justifies both the use of Flash and perhaps, the very Internet itself.

Sunday 1 February 2009

Heat waive

It's been so hot lately people have literally been throwing their heaters out onto the street, as if items that simply represent the notion of heat or warmth are too much for them to bear. Toasters have been banished, kettles shunned, fireplaces stopped up, ovens forsaken and hot-water bottles exiled.

I found this heater discarded on the street - I guess the owners tossed it out the window a day or so ago when the historic heat-wave was at its hottest.
The heater boasts:

• Patented SCHWARZ heating element heats faster than conventional screened elements
• Greater heat transfer = more efficient
• Silent convection heat
• Electonmechanical thermostat maintains the desired temperature level
• Wall mountable
• Overheat protection
• Silent convection heat

And they just couldn't take having these features in their house any more.