Wednesday 12 May 2010

Update x ∞ (+ 1)

Now go forth and liveth thine lives.

Friday 7 May 2010

Morphsuit update

You, your room, your house, your street, your town, your city, your state, your country, your hemisphere, your earth, your galaxy, your universe, ETC.

For the second time the targeted ads on my Facebook page have been about Morphsuits, in this case  location-based Morphsuits. This has led me to attempt to have as much of my targeted Facebook advertising to be Morphsuit-related.

celebrity got hit by a vehicle (v0.3)

this iphone app review reinstated my faith in the human race. at first i was all like we are fucked until i was looking for apps and I found this review. this is an excellent review and I think we're all going to be OK. this review helped me and is the reason im blogging today. when i was looking for  app im glad i found this review beacuse i usually don't look at reviews because they maybe not clear to help me know if i should download, . i was looking at my screen and stuff was there but it never seemd as relevant to my life as this review when i found it i said to myself OMG relevant. i never even read this review this review made me think about things and my place in the universe and nature... maybe, i don't understand. this review isnt so great and didnt really make sense for me and made me write things that were maybe redundant and irrelevant and basically were staring into the howling chasm of meaninglessness and nature is laughing at our human eattempts at dominance LOL at us. holy crap were all doomed :/