Wednesday 18 February 2009

Local news

Due to being royally screwed by the public transport system (the Sandringham train line was completely offline) I met and gave tram-travel advice to the local 'Jesus-is-Love' guy.

I've seen him around, gone past his house (the front yard full of hand-painted signs and various nick-nacks) and today we spoke. He materialised out of nowhere in the back streets, pushing his 'Jesus-is-Love' themed buggy along and I, laden with backpack, cymbal bag and relatively surly disposition gave him a nod. He initiated a conversation about the non-existent trains and I recommended the number 64 tram. He didn't mention Jesus and did not try and convert me even though I kind of expected something like this from a religious fanatic.

In a way it was special. The 'Jesus-is-Love' guy initially seemed like a mythical being whose existence was unquantifiable. Part of me is still unconvinced that he actually exists.