Sunday 1 February 2009

Heat waive

It's been so hot lately people have literally been throwing their heaters out onto the street, as if items that simply represent the notion of heat or warmth are too much for them to bear. Toasters have been banished, kettles shunned, fireplaces stopped up, ovens forsaken and hot-water bottles exiled.

I found this heater discarded on the street - I guess the owners tossed it out the window a day or so ago when the historic heat-wave was at its hottest.
The heater boasts:

• Patented SCHWARZ heating element heats faster than conventional screened elements
• Greater heat transfer = more efficient
• Silent convection heat
• Electonmechanical thermostat maintains the desired temperature level
• Wall mountable
• Overheat protection
• Silent convection heat

And they just couldn't take having these features in their house any more.