Monday 5 October 2009


Today: I felt the need for some Spring Cleaning and tidied up my studio. I attempted complete ruthlessness and did a relatively good job achieving this. For example, I reluctantly threw away a backpack that was like a good old friend of mine. Many kilometres were travelled with this backpack but it was full of holes and had served it's time honourably. Some of the things I found in it's various pockets included, but were not limited to:
  • A fortune cookie fortune, pictured above.
  • A pen (working)
  • A Chap stick
  • The receipt for my wedding suit
  • A single plastic leg (small)
  • 2 small packets of tissues
  • A 2005 'Festival of China at the Lincoln Center' pin
  • A copy of 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius
  • Hay-fever and headache medication
  • 2 Individually wrapped pieces of dark chocolate
  • 33 Train tickets (see below)
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A pencil (broken)
  • A leaf
  • A band-aid (unopened)
  • The receipt for my Nintendo Wii
  • A packet of sugar from the 'Luxor' hotel
  • A marble
  • A band-aid (used)
  • 11 US cents
  • A key

The train tickets contributed to what may be Balaclava's newest tourist attraction: The (Allegedly) Highest Stack of Train Tickets in the Southern Hemisphere.

Not to scale.