Thursday 30 May 2013

Earth, Ferris Wheel, Guitar, Cow

Here is a mix I made of music from some of my favourite video game soundtracks. This is quite a broad task so I limited myself to tracks that used recorded music rather than music made through sounds synthesised by the game media itself.

Music for Opposable Thumbs [128MB Mediafire link].

Tracklist (game titles are in bold):
Yu Miyake — Lovely Angel [Katamari Damacy]
Akira Yamaoka (credited as Konami Kukeiha Club) — Promise (Reprise) [Silent Hill 2]
Yutaka Minobe — Backbiting [Rule of Rose]
Shunsuke Kida — Maiden Astraea [Demon's Souls]
Tatsuhiko Asano — Bonfire [Doshin the Giant]
Tim Haywood — Trials of the Gad [Shadowman]
Akira Yamaoka — Chouchin Song 2 [Shadows of the Damned]
Tim Follin — Dolphin's Intrigue [Ecco the Dolphin : Defender of the Future]
Masafumi Takada — Island Edge [Killer 7]
Masaya Matsuura — Prince Fleaswallow's RAP [Parappa the Rapper]
Akitaka Tohyama — You are Smart [Katamari Damacy]
Deavid Soul — Up-Set Attack [Jet Set Radio]
Unknown — The Bear's Trials [Tokyo Jungle]
Vocal: King Robo — Katamari Dancing All Night [Katamari Forever/Katamari Tribute]
M.O.O.N. — Crystals [Hotline Miami]
Laugh and Beats — Vib Ribbon Blues [Vib Ribbon]
Masatoshi Moriwaki — The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish Without Feeling Anything [No More Heroes]
COIL — The Legendary Theme (Acoustic Version) [Gitaroo Man]
Ryou Watanabe — The Theme of Girl [Noby Noby Boy]  

I chose tracks that are unique, unconventional and predominantly not orchestral as well as being music I enjoy in it's own right. Three tracks are from the Katamari Damacy series of games but I included them due to my deep love for this game and for the fact that hearing the a track from the soundtrack on an .mp3 blog ('You are Smart', included in this mix) was what made me initially decide to buy the game site-unseen from America (the game didn't get an Australian release until it's sort-of sequel, 'We Love Katamari' about 18 months later).