Wednesday 2 January 2013

The instant when text goes from roman to bold

A.K.A 'My year of near-complete inactivity'

A.K.A 'Es tanzt das DNS'

'' website,
circa August-September, 2012.
So much time, sitting motionless at my desk, fingers poised mere millimetres from the keyboard twitching with unfulfilled potential. Illusionary Wolpertingers snap at calf muscles slowly atrophying from years of neglect. Internet websites enjoy an unintentional half-life bought upon them through inattention and behind-the-scenes hosting shifts.

But I digress.

You know when you run into an old friend and it's been years since you last saw them and they ask you what you've been doing with yourself for the last 11 or so years? On some occasions when this has happened I am so overwhelmed by the prospect of summarising the vast gulf of activity that my mind short circuits and initiates some kind of basic platitude such as 'The usual', 'This and that', 'Various things' and so forth. Under no circumstances would I use the phrase 'Same old, same old' (rumour has it that a pattern of slight discolouration on the belly of Ouroboros spells out these very words in Cuneiform text).

'Oroboros' enemy from 'Ni No Kuni' video game, PS3 2012

Under the surface of this near detail-free summary lies the primeval magma of significance, oozing and straining, perpetual and eternal. The universe yawns in it's massiveness and in the meantime, blogging.

As of December 2012 I have chosen the following excuses for not posting to this website:
  • Inability to edit CSS to a satisfying level
  • Discomfort with the term 'Blog'
  • The pursuit of dreams, etc.
  • Watching Youtube fail compilations (or just listening to their audio while working)
  • Trying to get non-English computer voices to read English aloud
  • Celestial bodies (2013 also looks to be a good year for these)
  • Seeking out Pavlova flavoured Slurpees
  • Miscellaneous
 And most recently:
  • Wrestling with the new iTunes interface (while I understand the philosophy of a column-based interface, arrow-key mapping should be more intuitive).
So the dust has settled and I will now try to resume semi-regular programming. Attempting to create work where the work is generated by the work itself has failed and it seems a more direct approach is required.