Thursday 24 January 2013

Less Angry More Bird

Image from here. Proof positive that staring into the eye of a Cockatoo is
not dissimilar to staring into the cold unwavering insanity of the abyss.
What madness is this!? Two posts in almost as many days?! Two mixes at that!?? Indeed. That is what it is.

However, this mix is a lazy one, crafted by chance over craft. These songs were selected by the criteria that every song has to have the word 'Bird' in the title. I did whittle it down a bit, so I wasn't completely hands-off. Originally I chose 'Bird' as an overall keyword and this produced roughly 3 and 1/2 hours of music (one of the songs was a half-hour field recording of birds). Searching by song title alone reduced it by 45 minutes so I then played it through and made some cuts. The current mix is around 1 hour.

Unified by Bird [112.2MB 256 kbps .mp3 file via Mediafire].

Tracklist (links to albums in titles or notes)
Sandra LeBrun Holmes — Morning Star And Devil Bird (This is from NASA's Voyager Golden Record)
fLako — Bird
Acanthus — Flightless Bird
Diamanda Galás — Birds of Death
The Trashmen — Bird '65 (Taken from Lux Interior's legendary radio show 'The Purple Knif Show')
White Noise — Firebird
Guitar Vader — Bird Ship
Hideaki Sakurai — Birds And Beasts (From the Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance Soundtrack which appears to be out of print.)
Lizzy Mercier Descloux — Birdy Num-Num
Rip Rig and Panic — Howl! Caged Bird
The Robocop Kraus — A Man's Not A Bird
The Residents — Birds in the Trees
John S. Hall & Kramer — The Birds
Hedningarna — Täppmarschen (Sorrow Is A Lonely Bird)
Martin Denny — Yellow Bird (winner, most expensive collectable album)
Coon Creek Girls — Little Birdie
The Dynamic Batmen — Robin The Bird
Cornelius — Bird Watching at Inner Forest
Múm — The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records

I kept the tracks in the same order iTunes sorted them and I'm not sure what it's reasoning was as there does seem to be a kind of shape developing over the mix with certain types of songs clustering together.

[BONUS] When originally selecting via 'Bird' appearing in song/album/composer the mix opened with this song from the We Love Katamari (also known as Katamari Tribute) soundtrack. It started the mix beautifully, but I let it go due to the word 'Bird' not appearing song title.

Yū Miyake (remixed by Beautiful Hummingbird)— Cherry Blossom Color Season (fanfare mix) [12.1MB .mp3 file] [Buy]

EDIT: Changed link to directly link to the mix.