Thursday 4 February 2010

Arguably the best itchy cat game on the iPhone

NekoIjiri iPhone app by Tsubasa Azumagakito. "A cat with itchy skin on your iPhone".

You play by touching certain points on the twitching cats body.

Choose a correct spot (which is random each time) and you are "safe". The second picture in the sequence below looks like my childhood cat. The third picture in the sequence looks like a slimmer version of my current cat.

Some spots will annoy the cat and it will hiss at you and the spot you touched will be yellow rather than green.

And choose the wrong spot and it's GAME OVER.

Also, you can submit pictures of cats to be used as the screens in the game, which I have done, so there's a community aspect to it as well.

Available in the iTunes Store FOR FREE [iTunes link].