Monday 17 August 2009

In which we discover a mythical snake. Twice.

I'm not sure I should be blogging about this. I was playing 'We Love Katamari' over the weekend - an absolute giant of a video-game that never gets old - and I discovered an instance of a rare, mythological Japanese snake - the Tsuchinoko.

I've mentioned the Tsuchinoko before, and this isn't the first time I've found one in a video game context. Below is one I found in 'Metal Gear Solid 3'. It was significantly harder to find than in 'We Love Katamari':

Tsuchinokos don't like to draw attention to themselves. This is the reason why I'm reluctant to blog about it. The one in the image above doesn't look too happy about being photographed (or perhaps being potential for food), and I'm subverting superstition. Keep your eyes peeled.