Thursday 18 June 2009

The Importance of Being Updated

I got a text today telling me that the iPhone software update to 3.0 had arrived - a day early! There's some nice changes/updates/additions. Now I can (among other things) send and receive MMS messages, which is good, but I'll be watching for any additional charges for these. Interestingly enough, I updated my phone and it downloaded all my latest emails (quite a number of) without being asked. I'm pretty sure I've turned this function off now, but it's nowhere near as transparent as the previous version of the OS. This is an important consideration in the bandwidth-starved mobile hinterland of the antipodes.

Note that my first MMS (above) was not successfully sent at first attempt (thus the exclamation marks). It did eventually get there, assisting me in contributing yet another baby picture to the tiny particles of Wonkavision-esque static flying over our heads at any given moment. I doubt I will send many more, but who knows. I'd like to consider myself some kind of futurist, but I can remember when text messaging first came out thinking to myself: 'That's never going to catch on'. Here we are. :P LMAO, etc.