Friday, 27 March 2009

Fortunately Gone II

Ten ideas for Fortune Cookie texts:

  • 'You will receive a fortune intended for someone else. This is that fortune'.

  • 'You will understand how Galileo felt. You poor sap.'

  • 'By the time you have ducked, it will be too late'.

  • 'Something will happen on Sunday. If you're reading this on Sunday it won't be today it'll be, like, next Sunday'.

  • 'Your significant other will ask you to bring home a grocery item and you will write it on your hand as a reminder. Later it will smudge, but allow you to enter a night-club for free.'

  • 'You will be compelled to scratch it. Don't.'

  • 'A seemingly minor and innocuous discussion will have a significant impact on every aspect of the rest of your life.'

  • 'You will be presented with an opportunity to use the word "Gadzooks." Embrace it.'

  • 'Avoid.'

  • 'You will eventually comprehend the chilling significance of the following words: "Elevator", "Styrofoam" and "Telegraph."'