Wednesday 2 April 2008

733t, 1-UP, applebomb, Lür™®

Some sketched ideas for t-shirt graphics that I may never follow up on. Found in a feint-lined notebook in the recent past.

"733t" is 733t. Or it was, about 3 years ago! Maybe it still is, but I'm not 733t enough to tell.

A hand-drawn response to the glut of video game t-shirts and Mario-related merchandise. He's tired and surly:

Marrying two pieces of Apple-related iconography together:

It's good to respond to ideas even though they make little or no sense, as in this logo:

My wife saw the 'Lür™®' design and said: "People would pay good money for a t-shirt with 'Lür™®' written on it!" As far as I know, Lür with umlauts has no meaning. However, there are Lurs in real life but this was not what I was referencing. It's also unrelated to Lrrr.