Thursday 27 March 2008

Higher powers command: Buy this glow-in-the-dark plastic rat!

Some facts:
The guy in the shop sold me this rat for two dollars. It was on a shelf with other nik-naks with a hand-drawn sign labeling them as "statues". He started talking about how ebay was changing the way people shop and said to me "You could photograph that in a dark room and sell it on ebay for at least ten dollars". I have had my eye on this rat for a couple of weeks, and would have bought it even if it didn't glow which, in fact, I was unaware of until I made the purchase.

One of my friends recently revealed to me that he was injured by a broken pipette containing "Radioactive rat DNA". On the surface, he suffers no ill nor super-heroic effects and does not resemble the depicted glow-in-the-dark plastic rat.

My earliest memory of receiving a novelty plastic animal/insect is of my father going into a shop saying he was going to buy me something, and for me to be good while I waited in the car. Upon returning he apologises to me, saying they didn't have what he was after and then shouts "OH MY GOD!!!!" and throws a plastic spider in my lap. I laugh about it now and will no doubt subject my own offspring to this type of behavior in the future.

Apologies to Sigmar Polke for the title of this post.