Wednesday 4 November 2009

It's your now

No caption necessary. Wait.

Anyway. I recently travelled to the Northern City of Northcote (there is to my knowledge, no Southcote, Westcote or Eastcote). A valid evening was had. Throughout the day and on the way there I spent roughly 2 1/2 hours on various forms of public transport and as a result of this read The Man Who Folded Himself in it's entirety. It's a good read and it's approach to time travel is similar to two out of three of my own time travel principals. However, I don't necessarily agree that you can have multiple versions of yourself in one time-stream/reality. The above picture was taken at Northcote Station at the "time" and seemed fitting.

In other news: In the recent past, two of my friends have been involved with larger than normal smoke-ring machines. Scott and Bernard. Too spooky for humble coincidence, no?

(The title of this post was taken from a recent spam email I received.)