Monday, 13 July 2009

If in doubt, headphones

Hello again.

Getting on the bus this morning I was confronted by a noisy onslaught of commercial radio. While purchasing my ticket I fumbled with my money trying to block out an ad for 'Carpet Call', spoken by that same guy who seems to do all of the lo-fi voice-overed ads on commercial radio.

I made my way to my seat (back-of-the-bus-style) slung my baggage on the chair next to me, desperately put on my headphones and scrambled for some music to drown out the radio chatter. I chose the album 'Scumdogs of the Universe' by Gwar for it's cleansing properties.

I'm pretty sensitive to certain types of sounds and I take umbrage to traveling on paid public transport and being subjected to commercials. At least with posters you can look away or out of the window or something, but without headphones the radio is pretty-much unavoidable. In fact, sometimes it's played so loud it leaks in between or over quiet parts of tracks. This also goes for the music played on the bus which, in the case of most contemporary pop music is pretty-much an ad for a product anyway.

Personally, I think that if audio-based ads are being played on the bus (granted some drivers don't play the radio, but they are the exception) travelers should get a percentage of their ticket price paid for by the advertisers. CONSIDERATION.

[Note that the graphic attached is from a bus in New York, where I never noticed any of the aforementioned malarkey].