Tuesday, 7 April 2009

They like the hi-fi

Last week I went to the screening of Mink Engine's DVD 'Acres of Diamonds' at ACMI's Studio One. it made for an entertaining night and I was well impressed by the manifestation of their hard work - it's been a phenomenal production and the end product looked great.

The DVD was impressive - a technicolour Katamari-esque ball of gesamtkunstwerk with contributions (my friend Leebee built the Mech pictured below) and vox-pops from around the globe. There were some genuinely funny daikon-related moments too. My only beef was that it wasn't loud enough.

So if you're in Melbourne this Thursday, Mink Engine are doing a follow-up live gig at the aforementioned Studio One as part of Synaesthesia, which is happening every Thursday PM until May 14th. Some of the other events look interesting too. Photos in this post thanks to Fleiss (with more pictures of the screening at the link).