Thursday 6 March 2008

Life ain't a comic strip, baby

Here are some scans from 'Sinner' - a couple of comics I've been hunting down for some time by the amazing Argentinian artist José Muñoz. I ordered these from Fantagraphics Books and have been searching the web for the rest in the volume (with the English translation) to no avail.

These scans are from the 'Viet Blues' book (the images are non-sequential, and you can click on them for larger):

And some scans from 'Life aint a comic strip, baby' edition:

That's Muñoz in the last panel, him and writer Carlos Sampayo both appear in the above comic, where they are attempting to create the comic in that they're in. Very meta. The thing I love and am studying in Muñoz's work is his line work and, to a greater extent, his use of black. He offers the slightest bit of detail in a sea of black, yet it's enough to get the idea across. Inspirational.

[Art by José Muñoz, 1989, 1990]