Tuesday 20 November 2007

Ay. Ay!!

This track here is one of the inspirations for me deciding to post music on the blog you see before you. The band is called 'Aa' (pronounced "BIG A little a") and they (predominantly) consist of three drummers and a guy on a synth screaming/shouting/singing into a megaphone. I first heard them through an audioblog (I forget which one... Bad form on my behalf, bad form!!) and once I'd listened to the track I started researching them which resulted in me flailing my arms around shouting about the future of music as I knew it.

Here's the track I initially heard, I guess you could call it the "single" off the album 'GAame', which is one of my top listened releases this year:

Thirteen - Aa [3.2MB mp3 file]

This was a while ago, and they had a release due (the track I heard was a preview) and I was literally refreshing the Insound page where the album was listed over and over until it was released and I could lay down some (insert euphemism for money here).

Eventually, the package arrived (a CD AND a DVD for USD20) with a sampler CD and (get this) a HANDWRITTEN NOTE on my invoice saying how great the band is!!?? True!

So if you're convinced, you can get the album here. Here's another track to show off their diversity. There's some amazing production on this track. Quality.

Fingers to fist - Aa [3.2MB mp3 file]

[Disclaimer - if you have a beef with any .mp3 files you find here, send me an email and I'll remove 'em. Files are for evaluation purposes, and will hopefully get someone out there to buy the original]