Wednesday 31 October 2007


Oh-kay. Time for me to get back to some regularity (!) both on my blog and in my everyday life (!!). Wish me luck. I've been thinking a while how I can return to regular posting after such a massive event in my life, and I thought I'd make it a smooth transition with a bit of audio.

Iggy is asleep (for the moment), I'm settling in to do some work for a few hours - coffee at the ready. My hope is that by posting this, the waves of calm and (quasi) lullaby-hood will permeate to the corners of the internet and resonate back to my newb. Again, wish me luck.

I was looking through my collection for something appropriate in this transitional era, and I reckon this pretty much fits the bill.

The track is by Opal who went on to become the better known Mazzy Star. It's from the brilliant Early recordings (1989) compilation album. Said album is only $119.95 US on Amazon! I had no idea of it's rareness! A "tape" of the same album is only US$20. It's a little cheaper elsewhere if you look around, I found a copy on Ebay for around $70US.

Lullabye - Opal [8.2MB mp3 file]

[Disclaimer - if you have a beef with any .mp3 files you find here, send me an email and I'll remove 'em. Files are for evaluation purposes, and will hopefully get someone out there to buy the original]