Monday 24 September 2007

Silent Hill, Silent Hill

I'm re-playing Silent Hill 3 at the moment, working my way backwards through the series and enjoying every minute of it. Here's a song from a secret ending of SH3 which I find hilarious, which can be found on the 'Silent Hill 3 Unreleased Tracks' album, which I'm having enormous trouble finding a link to buy as it was shipped with Japanese copies of the game. You can buy the standard soundtrack to SH3 here.

By the way, if you want to find the ending yourself, don't listen as you may find this a SPOILER.

Silent Hill Song - Akira Yamaoka [5.3MB mp3 file]

Is it me, or does it sound like a Japanese Steve Buscemi around 3:12?

[Disclaimer - if you have a beef with any .mp3 files you find here, send me an email and I'll remove 'em. Files are for evaluation purposes, and will hopefully get someone out there to buy the original]